To make a ski workshop enquiry, please contact us here using the form on our workshop page.

Alongside mounting bindings that we have sold we also offer a binding mounting service for any binding that we have a jig for. This includes most major brands and models.

A binding mount when ski and binding have been bought elsewhere costs £50.00

If you have bought either the ski or the binding from us and need a binding mounting then the cost is £25.00.

If you have bought the ski and the binding from us then there is no charge for a binding mount!

Please book an appointment for a binding mount unless you are able to leave the ski and binding with us as during the ski season we can be too busy to mount the binding while you wait.

Please note that there can be instances where it is unsafe/impossible for us to mount a binding to a ski. We won't mount a binding if we think there is a risk to the ski (or skier!) from doing so.

Please contact us here using the form on our workshop page, or ring Backcountry Uk Tel: 01943 816011

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