Altberg are a premium quality boot manufacturer based in Richmond North Yorkshire.

Their range of high quality, classic leather walking boots has gained a deserved reputation for reliability, durability and waterproofing.

Altberg have several different lasts which are the foot shape that the fit of the boots is modelled on.

Probably the most famous fitting is the 5 widths system which offers different width and volume fittings from extra narrow to extra wide but more recently Altberg developed the GFit last or fitting which was designed to work for a different foot type to the 5 widths system.

The GFit can be thought of as a wider and higher volume version of the AForme fit.

Th GFit has a very wide, square and deep forefoot and toe box fit and is probably the widest boot Altberg make.

The GFit boots also have a shaped heel cup which has more space than the Aforme heel but still gives great heel hold for many people.

There is less depth in the mid foot / top instep area than the Extra wide fitting from the 5 widths system though so the GFit boots work best for people with very wide and square fore feet that need good depth at the front but don’t have a very high instep or high volume mid foot. This fitting isn’t for everyone but works very well for people with very wide feet that can’t get the right fit from the Extra wide fitting boots.