Altberg, the Yorkshire boot company are a well known, premium quality, footwear manufacturer.

Their range of high quality, classic leather walking boots has gained a deserved reputation for reliability, durability and waterproofing.

Altberg has a deep-rooted tradition of making outstandingly high-quality footwear. Master boot and shoe maker William Shepherd learned his craft back in the 1920s and 30’s and went on to train Mike Sheehan in the late 60’s. In the late 80’s Mike started Altberg and the rest is history.

Branded as the Yorkshire Walking Boot Company, they are based in Richmond, North Yorkshire but these days they manufacture their popular walking boots between their home base of North Yorkshire and Treviso region of Northern Italy.

Altberg have several families of different fittings with the most famous being the system of 5 width fittings from extra narrow fitting to extra wide fitting boots which means that many people can find the perfect size and width for them. In this system, we stock the Tethera and Fremington men’s boot and the Fremington lady lite. They also have the A forme last which is designed with a closer fitting heel and midfoot but a wide fitting section across the ball of the foot. We stock the Malham men’s boot on the A forme last. The other fitting that we stock is the GFit which you can think of as a wider Aforme last and the Kisdon is a superb boot for people with very wide and square fore feet.

Having this variety of different fittings means that Altberg can offer a great fitting walking boot for most people. We can measure your feet and help you select the best Altberg boot for you. If you want to try an Altberg boot that we don’t stock then please get in touch as we can often order them in.

As well as the excellent boot fitting options, Altberg also makes high-quality boots, well-constructed from the best materials meaning they are long-lasting and remain waterproof. They can also be resoled so if you look after the uppers with the recommended Leder Gris care wax then the soles can be replaced for those people racking up high mileage.

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