Coll-tex Skin Glue

Coll-tex Skin Glue

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For Re-glueing Colltex Standard Skins
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This strong skin adhesive comes in a handy squeeze tube making it easy to take away with you. As with other skin glue it can be used to maintain the existing glue on your skins or when renewing the adhesive completely.

Old glue can be removed easily with an electric heat gun (e.g. paint stripper used on lowest setting) or sometimes even a hair drier. This is used to soften the glue allowing it to be remover with a standard wall paper scraper. This is the modern alternative to using solvent based removers which are no longer available..

Once you have removed the old glue, evnly spread a layer of new adhesive over the surface of the skin using a scraper or knife. When you have an even covering, leave exposed to the air at room temperature over night as this will allow the glue to cure. After 24 hours ckeck the adhesive is tacky to the touch and difficult to separate when two glued sections are stuck to each other. They should now be ready to use or store. 

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