Ski boot sizing can seem like a dark art at times with a mine field of information out there. One of the questions we get asked again and again is do ski boots come in half sizes?
The short answer to this is no. This might seem surprising as all manufacturers produce their range of boots with the full and half sizes clearly labelled on the boot and the box! The Mondo Point sizing scale is a metric measure of the internal length of the footwear. So a Mondo Point 27.0 should have an internal length of 27cm, a Mondo Point 28 should be 28cm etc. No main stream manufacturer has ever produced half sized plastic shells for ski boots, the cost of producing the moulds is just too expensive. In the days before custom moulding boots, manufacturers would produce two inner boots for each full size of shell, one inner boot would have more foam in it and this would be used to make the ski boot fit half a size smaller. This is where half sizes in ski boots originated and it is still the case for some 'out of the box' non-custom fit inner boots, simple enough, or is it! Today in the UK the majority of ski boots feature thermo fit inner boots. These boots use thermally activated foam to give a customised fit which if done right can give excellent results. However, These Thermo fit inner boots are NOT produced in half sizes. They are produced, like the shells just in full sizes. Some manufacturers inner boots get thermo fitted to half sized different lasts (model feet) on the way out of the factory so they feel slightly different when you first try them un-moulded but when we put them on the hot air blowers to fit them to you in store the foam 'lofts' back out and un-does the factory half size. So, once they have been heated ready to fit you both the full size inner and the half size below go back to being exactly the same. Therefore, no half sizes.
Its important to note at this point that although I have been referring to 'full size' and 'the half size below' as being the same thing, only Scarpa manufacture their shells to the full size, everyone else in the industry manufactures their boots to the half size. So take for example the size Mondo 27. A Scarpa Mondo 27 Boot is the same as a Scarpa Mondo 26.5 Boot (both boots have an internal measurement of 27cm). For everyone else a Mondo 27 boot is the same as a Mondo 27.5 (both boots have an internal measurement of 27.5cm). Confused? Don't worry you're not the only one! If you have a question regarding this subject get in touch.

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