Fritschi Vipec Evo

Fritschi Vipec Evo

Lightweight Ski Touring Binding With Lateral Toe Release 1.2KG / Pair

£350.00 RRP: £440.00

If the brake width you require is out of stock please contact us as we can often swap the brake frames for you.

Ski Touring Bindings Pin With Lateral Toe Release.

Weight: 1.2 KG per pair
Release value range: 5 to 12
Lateral toe release, vertical heel release
adjustment range 25mm
ski brakes: 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm

The Vipec Evo 12 was brought in 2 seasons ago with the primary purpose of improving all of the usability issues that had bugged the early Vipec models.

Keeping the key safety feature feature of an adjustable lateral toe release but with improved ease of use and sleek design.

The Evo toe piece is very easy to step into (this was one of the big issues with the first generation white bindings and to a lesser extent the black version). The new system means that the Vipec Evo 12 is now one of the easiest bindings on the market to clip into.

They have also reshaped the housing of the binding to make them more compatible with a wider range of touring boots plus the Evo toe piece has a new system to release the front pins in the event of an 'over the front' fall forwards which works with all compatible boots and does away with the old 3 profiles of colour clip system making the set up more straight forward. This bumper was further tweaked in the 2019 season to reduce the chance of depressing the toe of the boot shell on light touring boots like the F1.

Another safety feature designed into the Vipec 12 is the fact that when a forward fall causes a vertical heel release the boot toe automatically releases the boot from the toe piece at a specified angle, this means that the skier will be fully released from the binding and not still held by the toe as with some pin tech bindings.

The heel piece has a new brake system which is designed to get rid of the problem of the brakes not fully deploying, which some people found with the Vipec black version. They have also improved the Tour / Ski switching mechanism on the heel to make the lock into either mode much more positive and it is now very clear if the ski mode isn't fully engaged.

With a weight of 1.2KG per pair the Vipec Evo 12 are as light as many other fully featured pin tech ski touring bindings but the adjustable lateral toe release (adjustable 5 - 12) with 13mm of elasticity which is designed to give the skier the same safety releases and bot retention properties found on Alpine bindings.

The fact that the lateral release is at the toe also means that the heel isn't required to rotate as it is in almost all other pin tech binding systems, this means that you get excellent ski control with very little loss of power.

As with other pin tech bndings, the Vipec Evo 12 feature a low stand height (height from the deck of the ski to the boot), when compared to frame touring bindings, making them feel stable in chopped up snow. As with the earlier models of Vipec, the Evo 12 heel is sprung allowing it to move back when the ski flexes which makes for a lively, smooth feel and really brings out the best of your skis.

We're very happy to see continued innovation from Fritschi and the Vipec Evo 12 ticks all of the safety boxes that the previous version did with some great improvements to ease of use and dependability.

We stock the 90mm and 100mm brake bindings but if you would like narrower or wider brake options please contact us as we have the other brakes in stock and can swap brake widths around as required.


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