Karakoram Prime SL

Karakoram Prime SL

Lightweight and powerful split board binding



The Karakoram Prime SL split board bindings have been created with one over riding idea in mind, to make a binding that's as light as possible without compromising on either uphill or downhill performance. 
This has been achieved through thoughtful design and by using the best possible materials that meet the brief.

The Karakoram Prime system is amazingly fast and simple to use with just one lever to either lock the binding into riding or touring mode.
When riding, the binding is actively pulling the two board halves together creating a really solid feel this coupled with the wide contact points on the binding connector helps you forget that you're not riding your regular solid board.
When touring the binding clips to the touring unit using the same simple lever. There are no pins or loose parts to worry about with this system. The binding is clamped onto independent sleeves that rotate on a solid axle to give the stiffest smoothest touring feel possible. There is a dual height heel riser for when the going gets steep and a heel lock down for those little snowplough sections! Also included are a set of flex lock straps, these wrap around the top of your boot to really stiffen things up laterally, especially useful on a long traverse. 



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