Karakoram Prime X

Karakoram Prime X

Stiff and responsive split board binding


The Karakoram Prime X is the stiffer version of the best selling Prime SL. This binding is for the bigger or heavier riders that need a bit more support from their bindings or for the hard chargers that are used to top end super stiff free ride bindings on their regular board.

All the amazing features from the Prime SL are found on the Prime X too. Karakoram have stiffened up the high back (it's given an 8 out of 10 on the stiffness scale vs 6 out of ten for the Prime SL) and used a different toe strap to somehow make a binding that feels beefier than the SL while actually weighing less!
Included with these bindings as with the Prime SLs is everything you need to get going on your splitboard; the bindings themselves, the interface kit for riding and touring, the dual height climbing riser with heel lock down and the flex lock straps to help take the strain on those long traverses. 



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