We are very proud to be an official dealer for Quiver Killer inserts. These ingenious little inserts can be permanently fitted to your skis to allow you attach and remove your bindings multiple times. This means that you can use one binding across several skis or use different bindings (eg Telemark and touring) on the same ski.

We sell the inserts individually at £2 each, most binding have around 8 holes per side.
For 16 inserts we charge £30
For 32 inserts we charge £58

Fitting cost for the inserts is £55 per pair of bindings on the first pair of skis, for 2 pairs of skis we charge £100 for the work.

So a pair of skis with 8 mounting holes per binding costs £85 for Quiver Killer mounting.
For 2 pairs of skis each fitted with Quiver Killer inserts for an 8 mounting hole binding will cost £158.

When using Quiver Killers we replace the binding screws with machine bolts and these have to be picked and adjusted for each different binding. A set of mounting bolts is £10 each.

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