Rottefella NTN Freedom Colour

Rottefella NTN Freedom Colour

NTN Telemark Touring Binding in Colour

£340.00 RRP: £480.00

Touring Orientated NTN Telemark binding In Funky Colours!
  • Weight: 1.5 kg (per pair size large)
  • Height from ski deck: 25mm
  • Boot Compatibility: Requires NTN Boot
The Rottefella NTN Freedom is the latest introduction to the NTN range. Designed with improved touring functionality in mind the NTN Freedom is lighter in weight and features a much extended 60 degree range of motion in the skinning mode allowing a longer stride length with a more natural feel and has two climbing heel height positions (35mm and 65mm). The NTN Freedom doesn't use the mounting plate system so cannot be easily changed from ski to ski.

Now well established, Rottefella's NTN (New Telemark Norm) binding system is not only here to stay but it dominates the market in the UK. The NTN system allows the ease of use and security of an Alpine binding and un parralleled edge control without sacrificing the free heel. Featuring ski brakes, easy step in function and an adjustable release mechanism the NTN system is quicker, easier and safer than its predecessors. Combine this with the excellent ski control, a touring/skinning function that has two climbing postions and you can see why the NTN system is taking over.

All the NTN bindings require a specific NTN boot such as the Scarpa TX Pro, these boots no longer use a 75mm 'duck bill' at the boot toe making them much easier to walk in and to fit boot crampons to.

The NTN Freedom Binding comes in two sizes:
Small - Boot size up to M26.5 Scarpa and Crispi and up to M25.5 from Garmont.
Large - Boot size M27.5 and above Scarpa and Crispi and M26.5 and above from Garmont.

The NTN Freedom uses the interchangable Powerbox system to control the release setting and the stiffness of the binding flex as a dual function. Each box has 5 different settings and there are two different box stiffnesses (green is soft, blue is medium).

If you would like to know more about the Rottefella NTN bindings spec, function and use please contact us. 



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