Having problems with your ski boots? Black toe nails? Heel lift? Crushed by narrow boots? Or perhaps your feet have changed?

If you can't bear to look at your boots, never mind ski them, we may have the solution you need!


To make a boot fitting enquiry or a boot fitting appointment, please contact us here using the form on our boot fitting page, or give us a ring at Backcountry Uk Tel: 01943 816011.

We offer a ski boot clinic service for people that are having problems (big or small) with their existing ski boots. It maybe that you need a shell stretch or some volume taking out of the boots, whatever the boot fit problem we will help you work out what is going wrong and will advise you as to whether we can help you or not.


Please let us know if you're intending to come with your problem boots and we will make sure that we have someone on hand to help you.

An initial boot clinic assessment which covers checking size and boot suitability is free. If you need boot fitting work such as shell stretching or grinding or a complete refit there will be a charge but we will advise you on this before we start to do the work.

Unfortunately some of the boot problems that we see in boots bought from elsewhere are down to the boots being the wrong size or unsuitable for your feet. If we think you're in the wrong size we may not be able to do anything to help your fit.

Contact us here, or give us a ring at Backcountry Uk Tel: 01943 816011.

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