The M Equipment Meidjo 2.1 NTN Telemark Bindings

The M Equipment Meidjo 2.1

NTN Telemark Ski Touring Bindings

£430.00 RRP: £490.00

Superb Lightweight Pin Tech NTN Telemark Bindings, Excellent skiing & Touring Functionality

Weight: 0.85 KG per pair

After a problem free season in 2019 the Meidjo 2.1 remain unchanged for 2020.

Our number one recommendation for Backcountry free heel skiers, The M Equipment Meidjo 2.1 are a super light NTN Telemark ski touring binding which cleverly combine a pin tech toe piece with the NTN telemark binding attachment system to produce a binding which offers the ski performance and control associated with NTN and the touring functionality and weight of pin tech ski touring bindings.

The recent updates over the past 2 seasons have gone a long way towards eliminating the problems with snow packing and icing, some careful use of lubricant sprays, grease or anti icing products will help in difficult conditions though.

Though these are an excellent touring binding we have many customers that use them purely as piste bindings and even race bindings as they prefer the way the Meidjo bindings ski and the adjustments that can be made to binding stiffness and release tension.

Designed and made in France, the Meidjo 2.1 is the creation of Pierre Mouyade who after a few years of research and design brought his first binding to market in the 2014 / 15 winter season.

With some design tweaks along the way the Meidjo 2.1 is a revolution in telemark touring binding systems.

The clever combination or the pin tech toe and NTN attachment under the boot works very well, both systems use a lateral heel release and by using a spring loaded mechanism, the release tension can be finely adjusted and is separate to the stiffness of the binding springs. This means the skier can set the binding tension stiff with the release settings low or visa versa. We also find that the pin tech toe attachment releases more smoothly than other NTN systems that clamp the toe lug as there is less friction.

Free Pivot touring functionality means that you have the same natural pivot point and ease of movement that you get from a pin tech alpine touring binding, plus zero lift weight which makes skinning much easier than when using other NTN bindings.

The bindings come with 2 sets of springs and have 5 increments of binding tension so you can fine tune how stiff and powerful the bindings feel. We have found for people coming from cable type bindings the single spring is the best place to start, for powerful skiers and big skis you are probably best starting with both sets of springs installed, there are additional stiff springs which can be bought too. Springs are easily changed so best to experiment to find the tension which suits you. 

A featherlite 0.85KG per pair of bindings (size small) makes the Meidjo 2.1 are a great choice for long days of touring.

2 Climbing position heights (35mm and 55mm).

There are additional ski crampon slots available which fit Dynafit ski crampons and there is a brake option though the ski brake and crampon slot don't really work together.

Compatible with all NTN telemark boots that feature pin tech fittings at the toe.

There is an optional heel piece which allows the heel to be fixed should you choose to ski Alpine however this requires pin tech fittings in the heel of the boots and both Scarpa and Scott Sports have removed the heel pin tech fitting from their telemark boots.

We stock the Meidjo 2.1 and some of the accessories and we will also have the mounting jig for binding mounts.


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