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We have a long running reputation as quality Backcountry ski boot fitters and we offer a range of services.

To make a ski boot fitting enquiry or a boot fitting appointment, please contact us here using the form on our boot fitting page, or give us a ring at Backcountry Uk Tel: 01943 816011

We ask all customers to please book ahead for a ski boot fitting appointment, when we are in to our busy period booking ahead allows us to make sure we have stock in the correct sizes and time to fit your boots - thanks!

We are Currently not fitting ski boots bought elsewhere.

From basic thermo-fitting of the liner to heat molding shells, complicated localized shell stretches, custom molded supportive foot beds and liner modifications we have the skills and the tools to get you your perfect fit.

Below you will find a list of our services and the charges and below that there is an introduction to the basic boot fitting process. If you have any questions please get in touch. 

Thermo molding ski boot liners:
If you buy your boots from us.
We charge £25 for ski boot fitting, good ski boot fitting takes time and by charging a small fitting fee we can still give our customers our expert fitting service with boot fit guarantee and our after sales support.

It's free to book an appointment and initial size checks and advice is FREE.

Standard boot fit includes thermo molding of the liner using sidas foam pad system and some basic initial shell stretches £25.00

Sidas Custom Supportive Footbeds:
Top Quality Custom Moulded Supportive arch foot beds £80 - £100

Shell stretching:
We can make massive changes to the plastic ski boot shells by carefully heating and stretching the shell material. This can be a great way to accommodate prominent ankle bones, wide feet or big toe joints or to get rid of localized pressure points.

Standard Shell Stretching: 1 - 2 stretches per boot £20.00

Multiple stretch points or repeated shell stretches Price dependent on work required.

Inner boot modifications:
We can build up on the outside of ski boot liners with high density adhesive foam which can be great to sung up the fit, commonly done in the heel area to improve heel hold this can also be used in other areas to reduce volume.

Basic heel V strips £5 per boot.

Full ankle rings and heel strips £10 per boot.

Other areas price depends

What does ski boot fitting involve?

The first steps in getting the perfect fit for you are correctly identifying your size and choosing a boot which is suitable for your foot shape and performance requirements.
We can give you guidance as to which boots are suitable for the type of skiing that you want to do and the differences in their fit characteristics. We will then help you establish what size you require in each model.
Be aware that it’s very uncommon to be in the same size boot across all different manufacturers and models.
Next it’s time to think about foot beds (
see the supportive foot bed section for more on these). It’s important to get a foot bed that is well suited to the shape of your foot and compatible with the boots.
Once we have decided on the right boot and foot bed for you it’s time to start fitting!
The majority of modern ski boots sold in the UK require fitting in order to guarantee comfort. The most common system found uses Thermo-fit inner boots which are made from closed cell foam that expands and softens when heated, your foot is placed in the warm inner boot which squashes the foam where you need space and as it cools the foam sets and retains its shape. If done correctly, this system can give excellent results for both comfort and performance.

Alongside Thermo fit inners, there are now some Thermo form-able shells available.
Sometimes Thermo fitting alone can’t give you the fit you require and techniques such as shell stretching or grinding and volume reduction come into play.

All Thermo-fit inner boots will have a period of bedding in after they have been fitted. This can take up to 20 hours of skiing. During this time you may have some discomfort but after the first 3 days or so of skiing you should find the fit settles down. If you are finding you still have problems after the boots have bedded in then please get in touch. Its not uncommon that we need to tweak the fit of the boots once they have been skied and this service is provided free of charge for boots bought from us.

Contact us here, or give us a ring at Backcountry Uk Tel: 01943 816011

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