We offer boot fitting appointments for Walking footwear and Backcountry ski boots.

We don’t have an online booking system as we want to check that we will have the correct type of footwear in stock for your appointment.

To find out about what our services entail click the link below or to find out more about booking an appointment continue to read this article.

We recommend booking appointments as this will ensure that we have the time to help you and allows us to check that we have suitable stock available.

The best way to book is to give us a call

01943 816011

If you prefer, or it’s out of hours you can email


It can be worth following our how to measure your feet article before calling to narrow down your size area but don’t worry if you haven’t done this.

What you need to bring.

If you turn up with just your feet we can still get you sorted but it’s helpful if you can bring the following.

For Walking footwear fittings please bring your walking socks that you would usually wear, any supportive footbeds or podiatry orthotics that you would like to use.

For Ski boot fittings please bring some ski socks, ideally not too thick as new ski boots will feel pretty snug, and any supportive footbeds that you might want to use. It can be worth bringing your skis if you want us to adjust the bindings for a new boot.

How long does it take

A walking boot fitting will typically be half an hour, we book an hour long slot though so you aren’t rushed.

Ski boot fittings will take longer but it varies depending on how many boot options there are for you and what fitting work is required. Allow 2 to 3 hours for you appointment and this can be more if you want to discuss or buy skis and binidngs too.

If you don’t have an appointment

We don’t like to turn people away and will try our best to fit you in if you arrive without an appointment. However at times we get fully booked and have to prioritise the customers that have booked in. This is particularly true in the ski season november to feb.