BD Glide Lite Mix 2021 Custom Skins - Trim to Fit

BD Glide Lite Mix 2021 Custom Skins - Trim to Fit

Mix Fibre Ski Skins With Tip & Tail Pre Attached

£150.00 RRP: £165.00



New for 2021 with improved pre attached tip and tail fittings meaning a better fit on a broader range of modern skis.

Available in fixed lengths making them the easiest and most versatile MIX (mohair and nylon) in the BD range to date. These are trim to fit skins and can be cut to the shape of your skis once you have selected the correct length.

Skin width is 125mm for a max ski tip width of 130mm.

A trim tool and full instructions are included in the kit along with a stuff sack and a cheat sheet. We recommend cutting the long cheat sheet into two pieces and folding one skin around each piece when carrying on the hill. The two sections of cheat sheet can be over lapped when putting the skins into long term storage.

Weight 696g approx depending on length.

Constructed with 65% mohair and 35% nylon fibres, the BD Glidelite skin plush is 20% less bulky than older models, taking up less volume in your pack. This soft, supple laminate is also easier to stuff inside your jacket, keeping the skins warm between transitions. BD Glidelite Mixed fibre skins are 60 grams lighter size for size compared with Black Diamond's Ascension nylon skins. They will also out perform nylon skins in a range of snow conditions and temperatures, balling up less, particularly in Europe.


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