Black Crows Ferox Freebird

Black Crows Ferox Freebird

Lightweight Freeride / Touring Skis [136-110-126mm] 3.6KG/Pair R.21m

£545.00 RRP: £730.00

The New Beast In The Black Crows Freebird Range 110mm Wide Freeride Joy

Weight 3.6 KG / Pair (181cm)
Dimensions: 136 110 126 mm (181cm)
Radius 21m
Construction: 3D Semi Cap, Poplar, Paulownia wood core. Mixed glass and carbon fibre.

Replacing the Anima Freebird, the New Ferox Freebird is a different beast and a big improvement for touring freeriders.

The Anima freebird was a super buttery freestyle powder ski, great on the right day but as a ski touring tool for Europe they were very soft, particularly in the tail. The Ferox Freebird is much more of a freeride ski, they are stiffer and have much more grip and grunt in the crud. More reliable in the skin track and in exposed positions, they felt great even skiing the piste!

Black Crows haven't totally removed the freestyle genetics though, still having a good amount of tip and tail rocker, the underfoot camber and stiffer tail just make them more capable in firmer and more difficult snow conditions.

Though it's not an exact comparison you could think of the Ferox as being a bit like an Atris Freebird might be.

The H reinforcement adds torsional stability and keeps the weight down and they look great in the grey!

The Black Crows Ferox Freebird make a brilliant powder touring and light weight freeride ski which won't let you down when you encounter less than perfect conditions!


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