Black Crows skis from Backcountry Uk

Black Crows touring skis and freeride skis in the Uk.  The now legendary Chamonix based free ski brand have been one of the most iconic ski manufacturers of this century.

Their eye catching graphics and revolutionary ski shapings have been an instrumental part of redefining skiing to what it has become today.

Founded in 2006 by Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet, both Pro Freeskiers, Black Crows have always strived to combine design beauty with functionality and efficiency.

They began with Freeride beasts like the Corvus and they still make many fantastic freeride skis but their current range has expanded to feature everything from piste chargers to super light ski alpinism skis. 

We love the Black Crows Freeride and all mountain skis, but being a ski touring and backcountry specialist, it's only natural that the excellent, lightened up Black Crows Freebird skis have become the most important for us. The rise in people wanting to tour to find the best snow and lines has driven Black Crows to add to their lightweight ski touring skis over the years.

The Freebird skis are usually born from one of Black Crows full weight all mountain or freeride skis, sharing the shaping. However the use of lighter woods, such as Paulownia, in the core and by reducing the size of the metal reinforcement on the top sheet to the minimum required to get a solid fix with a tech binding, the freebird skis are significantly lighter than their full fat siblings.

The Black Crows Freebird series of touring skis combine ski touring functionality with freeride and all mountain ski performance in the descent. Their not too light but still light enough designs have become hugely popular for good reason, add to this the bomb proof construction and super durability, and it is not difficult to see why Black Crows freebird skis are one of the bench mark brands out there!

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