Colltex CLARIDEN Mix No.41

Colltex CLARIDEN Mix No.41

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Trim To Fit Mix Fibre Skins With Low Tack Glue
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Product Information

Colltex have replaced their Wizz skins with the CLARIDEN for the 2017/18 season.

They feature mix fibre Nylon/Mohair plush for the best combination of glide, grip, wear and resistance to balling up.

The No. 41 bail fits a wide range of ski tips without any adjustment but it doesn't work as well on blunt tipped skis such as some of the Black-crows and Whitedot skis, for these it's best to use the new ACE tip fitting.

The Acrylic glue is low tack so you don't need to use cheat sheets making them easy to put on and off and shove in your jacket.

They come with everything you need to cut to your ski, if in doubt you can always pick up the phone for advice.
  • 65% Mohair and 35% Polyamid Mix
  • Acrylic adhesive
  • Length 1.85 Metres
  • Bale Dimensions: 72mm x 10mm
  • Widths Available: 100, 110, 120, 130, 140mm

Technical Specifications

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