Hanwag walking boots at Backcountry Uk

Since 1921 Hanwag have been designing and manufacturing high quality walking and hiking footwear. Born in Bavaria their master shoemakers combine traditional craftsmanship with design innovation. Hanwag’s relentless pursuit to manufacture Europe’s premier walking and hiking boot brand has led them to produce footwear of exceptional quality, utilising complex shoemaking technologies.

Hanwag walking boots and shoes are high quality hiking and trekking footwear with a variety of comfortable fittings. Hanwag use a high quality cemented construction on all of their footwear meaning that they are long lasting and hard wearing and can all be resoled.

Hanwag have unique bunion fitting boots which have extra space around the big toe joint. They also avoid stitching in the bunion area to allow the boot to stretch a little with wear if required. The Hanwag Bunion fit walking boots and hiking shoes are a great option for people with enlarged big toe joints who find other wide fitting footwear too roomy for the rest of their foot.

As well as the bunion fitting boots, Hanwag have a wide fitting and a very comfortable normal width fitting.

You can find Hanwag's website here https://www.hanwag.com/

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