how to measure your feet for buying walking boots online
Women's Walking Shoes and Men's Walking Shoes.

Our range of walking shoes is designed to cover all foot types - so we stock wide fitting walking shoes, bunion fit walking shoes, narrow fitting walking shoes and everything in between.  The models we offer are suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities, from dog walking and a stroll by the river, to approach shoes for Lake District classic rock climbing.

We can help you find a walking shoe shoe that suits your foot, in the right size for you, and can help fine tune the fit by reducing the volume & using specialist supportive foot beds.  To find out more about our walking shoe fitting service, see our walking boot fitting page.

To make a shoe shoe fitting enquiry or a shoe fitting appointment, please contact us here using the form on our boot fitting page, or give us a call at Backcountry Uk Tel: 01943 816011

You can find our guide to buying walking footwear here.

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