Quiver Killer Inserts

Quiver Killer Inserts

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Product Information

Individual Quiver Killer inserts for mounting your ski bindings.

These metal inserts are permanently fitted into your ski and allow you to remove and refit your bindings as many times as you need, this means you can use one touring binding over multiple sets of skis or you can use multiple binding types on one pair of skis.

You can also remove the bindings for transport etc.

They are very strong so there is no concern over weakening the binding mount.

The inserts are tapped on the out side and fixed with epoxy. The bolts need to be fitted with the correct loctite everytime they are swapped to ensure they don't loosen.

We have a pro mounting kit and can install these for you if desired, if you wish to fit your own you will need the DIY mounting kit and some time and care!

You will need to replace the wood screws from your bindings with suitable Mounting bolts, we stock these for most common touring bindings and can order in sets for almost all bindings, please get in touch if you can't see the correct mounting bolts.

Technical Specifications

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