Scarpa Gea

Scarpa Gea

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Women's Ski Touring Boots 110Flex 2.88KG/Pair 101mm Last Width
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Product Information

The Best Selling Women's Ski Touring Boot Of All Time, Now With Instant Comfort, More Progressive Flex & Reduced Price!

Weight: 2.5KG/Pair M250
Flex: 100AT
Sole: Vibram Cayman Pro
ISO: 9523
Binding Compatibility: Ski Touring Pin Tech, Frame and MNC. Not Alpine ISO 5355
Range Of Motion: 60dgrs
Last Width 101mm (M27)
Forward Lean 14dgrs +/- 2dgrs
Liner: Intuition Pro Flex G WMN (Custom)

Scarpa's Flagship Women's Ski Touring boot, the Gea has been redesigned for 2020 winter to be a bit less 'full on' and to give a bit more separation from the Gea RS.

In its previous form the Gea had a very similar shell and liner to the stiffer RS version but this could be too stiff for some skiers so for 2020 Scarpa have gone back to using Pebax Renew  as the plastic for the shell. Pebax is sourced from 100% organic caster bean and is recyclable, it is also a bit cheaper and has a naturally springy and progressive flex. 

Scarpa have also altered the Intuition liner to give a more plush feel and an easier out of the box fit as the previous versions were firm and could feel quite hard until fitted and used.

Similar in weight to its predecessor and with the same range of motion in walk mode, the Gea still skis and tours very well.

Scarpa have kept the external walk / ski mechanisms from the previous version which were largely successful. These are easy to use, reliable and rock solid when locked into ski mode allowing zero play when flexing into the cuffs. It is worth making sure that snow and ice is kept out of the bar that the walk mech locks onto as this can mean the boot is difficult to use. A bit of lubricant around the bar works well to resolve this.

They still feature the genuine Dynafit Quick Step fittings and have a heel lug which is compatible with Marker Kingpin and Fritschi Tecton 12 bindings.

So how do they fit? The shell shape and volume is the same as the previous model of the Gea. The new liner certainly gives a different fit though, the initial feeling before molding is more even and a little more comfortable, the heel hold feels excellent and there is less depth over the forefoot and toes which could feel a bit too deep on earlier models. They are still fairly low volume, but feel more even over the instep area which was always the key area for the Gea. Initially I didn't notice the same pressure point down the outside of the foot particularly towards the rear (5th Met base) area but if needed the shell can still be stretched here.

If you've had an earlier model then chances are you should be able to get a good fit from the 2020 series but if you've tried these in the past and found them too tight then you may find the same issue with this latest incarnation.

In summary the new Scarpa Gea is a welcome update to these now classic touring boots with notable improvements to the instant comfort and giving a more progressive flex option and a better price point but without a big departure from the fit and functionality that have made this family of boots the most popular touring boots out there. Ideal for lighter skiers and people wanting a more environmentally friendly boot.

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