Scott-Sports Slight 93 + Atomic Shift binding

Scott-Sports Slight 93 + Atomic Shift binding

Lightweight All Mountain Skis 136/93/124mm 3.1KG/Pair R.16m with Atomic Shift 10 binding!

£855.00 RRP: £950.00


Get you Ski and Binding together for fantastic value!

The Ski:

Superb Light All mountain Skis, A Very Good Choice For One Ski To Do It All.

Weight: 3.1 KG/Pair
Construction: Sandwich Sidewall. Wood Core

Scott's Slight 93 are superb All Mountain Skis which are light enough to take out touring.

With a 93mm waist, Pro-Tip Rocker and full wood core the Slight 93 make a fantastic piste ski and are very friendly off piste making them a great choice for lift served skiing.

The 3.1KG/ Pair weight is what should attract many Backcountry skiers though as this is plenty light enough to take out on full days touring especially when combined with a modern light weight touring binding.

For those who remember the Scott missions fantastic all round qualities many years ago, the Scott Slight 93 are a modern and much improved versatile ski which follows in the path of the mission.

The binding:

The Atomic Shift 10 Is The Latest Addition To Their Range Of Freeride & Ski Touring Bindings The Same Design With A Lower Release Value Range

Weight: 1.7KG Per Pair
DIN Range: 4 - 10
Elastic Range At The Toe: 47mm
Brake Widths: 90/100/110/120mm
Crampon Widths: 100mm/120mm
Adjustment Range: 30mm

Atomic's Shift bindings are the same design as the Salomon Shift just with an Atomic badge instead.
The Atomic Shift 13 brought a revolutionary new design and has been a game changer for Freeriders and Ski Tourers wanting the ultimate in Ski performance and safety. The New Atomic Shift 10 offers the same performance and safety at a lower release value range of 4 - 10 ideal for lighter skiers.

Well received for it's first 2 seasons the Salomon / Atomic Shift became an instant favorite amongst the staff and customers, however the fact that the release value range began at 6 has been a reoccurring problem for lighter skiers who require values below 6.
Finally available with a lower range, the Atomic Shift 10 MNC starts from 4 and is priced £50 cheaper than the Shift 13, the Shift 10 promises to be an important binding for winter 2020 / 21

The Atomic Shift 10 MNC turns pin tech touring bindings on their head, the basic design is centred around a good old tried and tested Alpine binding with an adjustable toe height but the clever part is with the flick of a couple of levers a pair of tech pins emerge at the toe giving you the feel and range of motion plus the zero lift weight you get with a pin tech touring binding.

My favorite aspect of this design is that they have tried to replicate the desirable ease of use and ski characteristics of a tried and tested design, namely an alpine binding with an adjustable toe height (Warden 13 MNC for example), to give easy step in when skiing, lateral toe release, low stand height, alpine binding boot retention and ski performance.
Because the toe release is based on an MNC alpine binding, Salomon & Atomic have achieved the same reliable release characteristics across a wide range of boot designs without the difficult to spot compatibility issues that can be found on some systems.
For ski touring and skinning, The Shift 10 MNC has some significant advantages over Frame Touring Bindings such as a lower stand height, zero lift weight, a natural pivot and an overall lighter weight.

At 1.7 KG/pair the Shift isn't going to brake any records in the super light class, but they are much lighter than Frame bindings we were using not too long ago and as a do it all, all rounder or for freeriders and people wanting Alpine Binding ski performance this will knock up to a KG off the weight of many heavy duty frame bindings. As pin fittings become the norm in Backcountry Ski boots this may spell the end for many frame binding designs.

Those wanting to do bigger days of touring will notice the 0.5KG+ weight saving of bindings like the Kingpin M-Werks but the extra ease of getting into the binding and the lateral toe release are real advantages.

The stand height will depend on your boot because the toe height adjustment is achieved by moving the AFD up and down rather than the toe piece, Full touring boots will have a stand height of only 20mm whilst Alpine boot soles will be up to 28mm stand height. (fritschi frame bindings are closer to 39mm so this is still a reduction). The lower stand height will usually feel more stable for most people.

We expect that the Shift will be fully compatible with most freeride boots with pin tech fittings and most Alpine Touring boots with iso 9523 (Boots with a full heel and toe lug) but they won't be compatible with Touring boots with reduced size toe and heel lugs (Scarpa F1, Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour and TLT7). They will also be compatible with standard Alpine downhill boot soles but only to ski, not to tour (the requires Pin fittings).

We've skied the Shift and can confirm that they feel like a good Alpine binding on the descent, when touring they work well and feel much better to use than frame bindings. Whilst they are heavier and don't have quite the same range of motion as some of the full pin tech bindings they work well and are suitable for full days of skinning.
Like all touring bindings they can pack snow in places particularly on soft snow days and they can ice up in certain conditions so familiarising your self with how and when to clear them will make their use smoother.
The Shift 10 MNC are an important part of the landscape of modern backcountry binding options.


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