Many people with wide feet have a problem finding sufficiently wide fitting walking boots and wide fitting shoes, so we stock a broad selection of the best wide fit men's and women's hiking footwear from quality brands such as Meindl, Hanwag and Altberg.

We stock outdoor footwear suitable for a wide range of activities, from riverside walks to traversing the skye cuillin ridge and alpine mountaineering holidays.

Below is a short introduction to the most important wide fittings from our brands and the differences between them.  We also have a sample of our range of wide walking footwear below, but more can be found in store.

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Meindl Comfort Fit

Meindl's Comfort Fit family of wide fit boots, mids and shoes are a very important range for us boot fitters! They are probably the widest fitting walking footwear out there offering a large range of styles all with a very wide fitting forefoot. There are fit differences between the models in this range with the shoes and mids such as The Rapide and the Journey Mid having a deep forefoot volume and slightly more tapered toe profile and boots like the Meran and Asti having less depth across the forefoot and a squarer toe profile giving more little toe width.

The Meindl Sulden is probably the widest and deepest fitting walking boot we have ever sold plus it has a removable 3mm shim under the foot bed that can be taken out for maximum space.

Altberg 5 Widths Fit System

Altberg have a few options in their 5 width fittings range, we stock the Tethera Men's and Femington Ladies in medium, wide and extra wide fittings. The wide and extra wide are our most popular. Not only does the width increase as you go us through the different fittings but the volume around the mid foot and over the forefoot also increases. The extra wide fitting is perhaps not quite as wide as some of the Meindl Comfort fit boots but they are still very wide. The toe profile is a little more tapered (pointy) than boots like the Meindl Sulden but we often get great fit results for many people with Altberg.

Hanwag Bunion Fit

Another important fit system for us is the Hanwag Bunion fit. As the name suggests these are designed for people with bunions so there is extra space, stretch and cushioning around the 1st Met (big toe joint!). This system is perfect for people who have a bunion but the rest of the foot is not wide, these people can find that some of the other wide fits leave their feet moving around inside the boot but the Hanwag Bunion fit allows space where its needed whilst still holding the mid foot and heel.

Hanwag SF Extra (Straight Fit)

Hanwag's SF (straight fit) Extra Last is designed to remain straight from the big toe joint to the front of the toe box and to be square across the toes to the little toe side, the extra part refers to the extra width across the ball of the foot. The mid foot and heel still give a good close fit which makes the SF Extra fit a superb choice for people with a wide forefoot, square toe profile but slimmer heel.

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