ZAG Ubac 95 Lady

ZAG Ubac 95 Lady

Women's Lightweight Touring Ski 2.3KG/Pair [126-94-112.5mm) R.15

£545.00 RRP: £620.00

ZAG's Best known Women's Touring Ski, Super Versatile 95mm Wide Lightweight Giving The Best Balance Of Float, Grip & Weight.

Weight: 2.3 KG / Pair
Dimensions: 126/94/112.5mm
Radius: 15m (158cm)

The ZAG Ubac 95 Lady has gained a solid reputation as a mid wide, lightweight touring ski which can deal with every snow type you will encounter.

With the emphasis on ease of control and efficiency, the Ubac 95 Lady are designed to give dependable and fun skiing whether you're hitting early morning boiler plate, perfect powder stashes, spring snow, full on chop or all of the above!

For women 95mm has become established as the sweet spot in the touring ski underfoot width range for an off piste and soft snow touring ski, giving the balance of float and stability without sacrificing too much grip and making life hard in the skin track. Combined with the versatile width, the Ubac 95 Lady use a healthy tip rocker and small tail rocker to make turn initiation easier regardless of the snow type and to reduce any hooking of the tip and tail. The rockers also make keeping the tips up much easier in soft snow and keep the skis nimble on hard pack and between bumps.

At only 2.3KG per pair in 158cm these are no doubt a lightweight ski but they still give good vibration dampening and punch when in the crud.

The ZAG Ubac 95 Lady are a very versatile touring ski, a great choice for Women wanting a lightweight ski touring ski that will keep the descents easy and fun regardless of what the mountain throws at you!



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