ATK Crest 8

ATK Crest 8

Superlight Ski Touring Binding With Brakes 0.56KG/Pair Release range 3 - 8



Precision Engineered Fully Featured Super Lightweight Ski Touring Bindings With A Lower Release Range For Lighter Skiers

Weight: 560g / pair
Release value range: 3 - 8 adjustable vertical and Horizontal
Heel adjustment range: 20mm
Materials: Alu 7075 & Stainless steel

Ski Brakes: 75mm, 86mm, 91mm, 97mm, 102mm, 108mm & 120mm

ATK are an Italian Ski Touring Binding brand with some fantastic revolutionary lightweight binding designs.

The Crest 8 is the same design as the Crest 10 but with a lower release setting range. Starting at 3 the crest 8 offers safer release settings for light skiers or anyone needing to use a release setting below 5.

The ATK Crest 8 brings many of the key features of the Raider bindings at a lower weight and excellent price point. They have all of the features you would expect from a fully fledged ski touring binding, ski brakes, climbing positions, fully adjustable safety releases and ski crampon slots. The amazing thing is that all of these features come packaged in an unbelievable 0.56Kg per pair!

Constructed predominantly from Metal (Alu 7075) the ATK Crest 8 feel reassuringly solid and robust whilst still coming in feather light.

One of the unique features of the ATK designs is there Cam release system, this clever design utilises a Cam profile pressed against the heel pins by a pre tensioned spring, when a boot steps into the binding or a fall requiring vertical release occurs, the Cam profile provides a precise resistance to the pins. This system allows an accurate, adjustable control of the release tension whilst maintaining an easy step in, solid power transfer whilst skiing and keeps the weight of the binding down.

The Crest 8 feature another clever patented design from ATK in the form of their MONOLINK 1.0 Technology. By using an aeronautical steel alloy with a high elastic modulus, they have managed to remove half of the toe piece springs and fix the left arm. This reduces the weight by a small amount but importantly it increases the stiffness of the toe piece whilst skiing giving improved ski performance.

Also packed into the Crest 8 is the Elastic Response System which gives a further 6mm of rearward heel elasticity to allow a natural ski flex and to improve safety of release in a big compression.

All of this state of the art design is combined in a binding which as well as being super light, also looks great and is competitively priced.

The ATK Crest 8 are an excellent choice for lighter ski tourers wanting lower safety release settings whilst keepig solid ski performance, robust and reliable construction and a full set of features from their touring bindings at the lowest possible weight. 


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